Evening at Zagrywki!

Planning a get-together with a larger group of friends?

Our booking offer consists of two parts:
reservation of seats and activity booking

If you want your group to be guaranteed a seat in one space, you can book the box or table of your choice.

The amount of the reservation varies depending on the space you choose and the cost, without 10% of the service, is available for use in the form of a prepaid card for: drinks, food and tokens!

Single booking duration: 1h 50 min

Don’t worry if all the tables and boxes are already occupied, there are tables available in the pub which can be taken as soon as they become available 🙂

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There are two types of activities available at Zagrywki – attractions for reservation (we recommend to make a reservation earlier) and coin machines.

Activities requiring booking:

Crazy Golf

Beer Pong

Karaoke rooms

Table Shuffleboard


Activities for coins:






You can buy coins from the host, at the bar or in the vending machine. The cost of one coin is 5 PLN, which is enough for 1 game.

Book now

If you want to organise a whole evening and combine venue bookings with activities, we suggest that the slots of all bookings do not overlap.

Let us know in advance what we should prepare for your guests as part of your booking.

A special occasion? Something sweet? We also have the option of ordering a cake from us.

Example scenario

From experience, a standard booking takes up to 4 hours.

The following scenarios are just examples of what your event might look like at Zagrywki.

Box at the beginning

– Box/table reservation – 1 h 50 minutes

– Break

– Crazy Golf – approx. 1 h 10 minutes

– Break

– Beer Pong – 45 minutes

Box at the end

– Crazy Golf – approx. 1 h 10 minutes

– Break

– Table Shuffleboard – 1 hr

– Break

– Box/table booking – 1 h 50 minutes

Without box reservation

– Table Shuffleboard – 1 h

– Crazy Golf – approx. 1 h 10 minutes

– Beer Pong – 45 minutes

– Karaoke – 1 h


When creating your activity schedule, you won't always manage to keep equal breaks between them, but don't worry! You can take a longer break and use this time to play token games or fill up on alcohol at our bar.