Crazy golf


How to play?

Recommended number of players: 1-30

1. Crazy golf

This crazy version of minigolf is perfect for the bar vibe of our place! Click right to check out the rules of crazy golf at Zagrywki!

2. Choose a course

Every hole has 3 courses: white - normal, blue - easier, red - most risky, but fastest.

3. Hit

Remember that you only have 6 strokes per hole.

4. Win

by getting the ball in the hole in the lowest number of strokes possible.

5. Can't play crazy golf?

Don't worry - we'll teach you everything! With our trained staff on site and instructions we prepared for you, you'll learn the rules in less than one minute!


Crazy golf is a crazy game - the lower the score, the better!

Price list

The price includes: covering one crazy golf course by one person.

  • Sun-Thu

    27 PLN

  • Fri-Sat

    29 PLN

Our promos

Mon. -25%
Sun. 22 PLN