Karaoke rooms


How to sing?

Recommended number of people: 6-12

1. Karaoke rooms

Also known as karaoke box or KTV, it's an idea brought to you directly from Japan! Click right to check out how to sing in karaoke rooms at Zagrywki!

2. Choose a room

Find a room you like best!

3. Bring your friends

Our karaoke rooms can host 6 to 12 people. You can learn more about the details of our rooms' capacity in the booking section.

4. Choose your tracks

Each of our karaoke room is equipped with a tablet, so you can choose your favorite songs.

5. Sing like nobody's listening

Only your friends will hear you!

6. Thirsty?

In our karaoke rooms there are tablets via which you can order any item from our menu. After paying for your order, one of our hosts will deliver it to your room!

Price list

Each booking is for one hour.
The price includes: access to the chosen room for the recommended number of people.

  • Sun-Thu

    169-199 PLN

    additional hour 159-189 PLN
  • Fri-Sat

    219-249 PLN

    additional hour 209-249 PLN

Our promos

Mon. -25%
Wed. 129-159 PLN