Cloakroom policy



The Regulations for the use of the cloakroom (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”) specify the rules for making available to persons (i.e. customers or potential customers of Zagrywek – ul. Bogusławskiego 16, Wrocław) a cloakroom administered by ABSOLUT sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Wrocław at ul. Śliczna 7/16, 50-566 Wrocław, tel. 71 77 33331, registered in the National Court Register in the register of entrepreneurs, under KRS number 0000794136, entered in the REGON register under number 383921453, with NIP number 8992865723 (hereinafter: “We”), regardless of the space of Zagrywek where the cloakroom is located (hereinafter referred to as the “Cloakroom”) and the storage of items left by these persons.


1 The cloakroom is not self-service.

2. The cloakroom operates during the opening hours of Zagrywki, as long as there is service and there is no information that there are restrictions on its operation or the cloakroom is not operational.

3. We may introduce restrictions on the use of the Cloakroom if it is required for safety reasons or legal regulations (e.g. sanitary regime).

4. The cloakroom does not work outside the hours of operation of Zagrywki and if there is information (a card in a visible place) informing about the exclusion of the use of the cloakroom.


The cloakroom accepts for storage only:

1 outerwear;

2 umbrellas.


1 The cloakroom is payable. Leaving items listed in §3 costs PLN 5 once.

2 After making the payment, the person receives a coin that can be used for shopping in Zagrywki and a wristband with a number.


The person leaving the item for storage is obliged to comply with the Regulations and undertakes not to leave valuable items as well as those specified in §6 below.


The cloakroom does not deposit valuables and does not accept the following items for storage:

1 bags, handbags, backpacks, etc.,

2 money, keys, documents;

3 jewelry and other valuables;

4 electronic equipment (e.g. computers, laptops, mobile phones), photographic equipment and other expensive specialized equipment;

5 items that may cause damage to third parties or their property, in particular through damage or contamination, as well as that may damage or contaminate the Cloakroom area;

6 items that are smelly, flammable, flammable, explosive, corrosive or other dangerous materials, as well as animals, including but not limited to any animals in cages or containers.


Leaving the items specified in § 3 and § 6 or animals in the Cloakroom, even without the knowledge of the persons operating the Cloakroom, constitutes a gross violation of the Regulations. A person leaving such items or animals does so at his/her full responsibility.


Items are released from the Cloakroom only upon presentation of a wristband with a number for the Cloakroom staff. The cloakroom staff is distinguished by a uniform in the form of a T-shirt or sweatshirt with the Zagrywek logo or other clothing with a visible identifier of the Zagrywek staff.


The person operating the Cloakroom is not obliged to confirm the identity of the person handing over the items for storage with the person who asks for the item on the basis of the wristband issued.


1 The person receiving the armband with the number is obliged to guard it and not to pass it on to third parties. In the event of a loss of a wristband with a number, such a person may be asked to wait until all the coats or umbrellas remaining in the Cloakroom are handed over, unless it is clearly stated on the monitoring system beforehand what item was left behind.

2 There is a fee of PLN 20 for the loss or destruction of a wristband with a number.


We are not responsible for items left in Zagrywki outside the Cloakroom.


Items left in the Cloakroom are stored for 7 days. After this period, we are not responsible for their loss.


Everyone using the Cloakroom is obliged to read the above Regulations and comply with its rules.

We are not responsible for non-compliance with these Regulations. It is considered that each person, before leaving their items in the Cloakroom, has read the provisions of the Regulations and has committed to strictly comply with its provisions.


The current text of the Regulations is available in the Cloakroom and on the Zagrywek website,


We reserve the right to change these Regulations. The change takes place upon its adoption, which will be announced by placing a new version of the Regulations in the Locker Room and publishing it on the Zagrywki website. The new Regulations are valid at the moment of opening the Cloakroom on the day of its adoption.


Complaints and comments regarding the functioning of the Cloakroom can be submitted to the e-mail address