Table shuffleboard


How to play?

Recommended number of players: 4-6

1. Table shuffleboard

Table version of floor shuffleboard. This version consists of 6-meter tables, sprinkled with a special kind of wax.

2. Bank Shoot Shuffleboard

A new version of table shuffleboard! The aim of the game remains the same as in the traditional version - we aim to knock the pucks into the point zone, bouncing them off the wall.

3. The rules are really simple!

Play pucks from one side of the table to the other, in the case of bank shoot shuffleboard - by bouncing them off the wall!

4. Have no mercy!

Knock your opponents' pucks out of the scoring zones!

5. Smash your opponents!

Win - points are awarded to the team whose puck is furthest on the table at the end of the round.

6. Sounds hard?

Don't worry - we will teach you everything! There you will find staff who will explain the rules of the game to you in less than 2 minutes!


First team to score 15 points wins!

Price list

Each booking is for one hour.
The price includes: a shuffleboard table for the recommended number of people.

  • Sun-Thu

    79 PLN

    additional hour 69 PLN
  • Fri-Sat

    95 PLN

    additional hour 85 PLN

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