Zagrywki Gift Card

Zagrywki Gift Card Terms and Conditions
in force from April 2, 2024

1- Publisher – the issuer of the Zagrywki Gift Card is Gravity Park Sp. z o. o. with its
registered office in Warsaw, at ul. Goplańska 35, 02-954 Warsaw, entered into the Register
of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the Regional Court of the Capital
City of Warsaw in Warsaw, 12th Commercial Law Division of the National Court Register
under KRS number 0000514593, with NIP number: 9512380720 with a share capital of PLN
5,000. PLN
2- Gift Card – a single-use voucher within the meaning of Art. 2 (41) and (43) of The Goods
and Services Tax Act. Each Gift Card is a bearer voucher and entitles the User to purchase
entry tickets to the Games from Zagrywek.
3- Games – activities subject to reservation in Zagrywki, excluding Boxes and Tables.
Games are understood to mean the following activities; Crazy Golf, Table Shuffleboard,
Karaoke Rooms and Beer Pong.
4- Buyer – a natural or legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality, which
is granted legal capacity by law, who purchases a Gift card from Zagrywek in exchange for
5- User – Buyer or any Gift Card holder using the Gift Card.
6- Zagrywki – Place of providing services provided by Gravity Park Sp. z o. o. address:
Zagrywki, Nowy Świat 4a, 00-497 in Warsaw


7- The Gift Card is sold for a variable amount specified by the Buyer, not less than PLN 20.
The Issuer reserves the right to change the limits on the Gift Card’s top-up amounts at any
8- The amounts of Gift Cards are amounts expressed in Polish zloty.
9- The Gift Card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase – unless the Parties agree
10- The User is entitled to make and use the reservation for Games using the Gift Card
within its validity period. The expiration date is specified on the Gift Card.
11- The Gift Card cannot be reloaded with new funds and can only be topped up once at the
time of purchase.

12- The funds available on the Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash in whole or in part,
and are interest-free.
13- The Gift Card, within the meaning of applicable law, is not an electronic money
instrument or a payment card.
14- Top-up of the Gift Card is subject to tax on goods and services within the meaning of the
relevant tax regulations.
15- The Gift Card has the Zagrywki logo, a unique voucher code, nominal value and
expiration date.
16- The Gift Card User can check the validity period and balance (fund balance) by
contacting the Zagrywki hotline by e-mail or telephone or on-site at Zagrywki’s staff.
17- The Gift Card may be redeemed (purchase using the Gift Card) multiple times until all
funds available on the Gift Card are exhausted or until its validity period expires.
18- Funds on Gift Cards cannot be combined and only one Gift Card can be used per one
19- The Gift Card is non-refundable. The conditions for withdrawal from the contract are
specified in the above Regulations.
20- In the process of purchasing a Gift Card, the use of discount codes, bonus cards,
vouchers for goods or payments, etc. is excluded. The payment for the Gift Card should
correspond to its nominal value.
21- The purchase of a Gift Card can be made both on-site at Zagrywki and by e-mail by
reporting the desire to purchase to the following address:
22- After reporting the desire to purchase via e-mail, the Buyer receives a survey in which
the Publisher collects the necessary information (Buyer’s data, card value, invoice data) to
purchase the Gift Card as well as the necessary consents and declarations. After completing
the survey, the Buyer receives a Tpay payment link, and after payment, an electronic Gift
Card and an invoice. Alternatively, payment can be made via bank transfer based on an
invoice, then after completing the survey, the Buyer receives an invoice, and after paying it,
a Gift Card in electronic form.
23- The payment link is active for a limited time. Failure to make payment within the validity
period of the link or within the time specified on the invoice results in cancellation of the
order, unless the Buyer and the Publisher agree otherwise.
24- The Gift Card, regardless of the form in which it was issued, i.e. electronic or paper
version, may be redeemed when making a reservation for Games both via the website: and on-site under the terms described in the above
Regulations .

25- The Gift Card cannot be used to pay for the purchase of another Gift Card, reservation of
boxes and tables, tokens, bar orders and cannot be exchanged for another Gift Card.
26- The Gift Card can only be used to book Games defined in point. 3 of the above
27- The balance of the Gift Card will be reduced by the amount equivalent to the cost of
reservation, regardless of the method of reservation (stationary/online – via the website)
28- If the funds on the Gift Card do not fully cover the price to be paid for the reserved
Game, the User is obliged to cover the difference with their own funds, in the manner
provided for the payment methods available for the selected reservation method
(stationary/online – via the website).
29- Only Gift Cards that are active, valid, original (coming from the Issuer), undamaged and
enabling the reading of the voucher code can be redeemed.
30- Redeeming the Gift Card, stationary at the Zagrywki premises, in paper form is possible
after physically presenting the original Gift Card to the seller. The rights arising from the Gift
Card are not exercised based on its copy, photo (including on a smartphone), saved number,
etc. The condition for using the Gift Card is the successful verification of the voucher code by
the staff.
31- Redeeming the Gift Card stationary at the Zagrywki premises in electronic form is
possible after presenting it to the staff on the display of a mobile device or in the form of a
printout of the file in which the Gift Card was delivered to the Buyer. The rights resulting from
the Gift Card are not exercised based on a photo, saved number, etc. The condition for using
the Gift Card is the successful verification of the voucher code by the staff.
32- Redeeming the Gift Card via the website is made by entering the Gift Card voucher code
by the User in the ordering process.
33- Pursuant to section 29 of the Venue Regulations, admission tickets are non-refundable.
34- Payment with a Gift Card on the website is only possible when making a reservation for
a single Game, it is not possible to use the Gift Card when paying for Games added to the
35- For transactions made using the Gift Card, in matters not regulated by these
Regulations, the provisions of the Venue Regulations shall apply accordingly.


36- Pursuant to the provisions of the Act of May 30, 2014, on consumer rights, if a
Consumer (Individual Entrepreneur with Consumer rights) purchases a Gift Card remotely
(e-mail purchase – online), the Consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within

14 calendar days from the date of the contract, i.e. the date of payment. The declaration of
withdrawal, the template of which has been included by the Publisher below in the
Regulations (Appendix 1), should be submitted by e-mail to the following address: To meet the deadline, it is enough to send the declaration before the
deadline. Only the Buyer has the right to withdraw from the Gift Card sales contract.
37- Pursuant to Art. 38 of the Act of May 30, 2014 on consumer rights, the right of
withdrawal referred to in section 1 is not applicable,inter alia, in the case of a contract:
– purchasing a gift card on-site at Zagrywki,
– the subject of which is a non-prefabricated item, manufactured according to the
consumer’s specifications or serving to meet his individual needs,
– if the provision of the service began with the prior consent of the consumer before the
deadline for withdrawal from the contract, and after the entrepreneur informed him about the
loss of the right to withdraw from the contract, and acknowledged it,
– for the provision of services, if the entrepreneur has fully performed the service with the
consent of the consumer, who was informed before the provision of services that after the
entrepreneur has completed the service, he will lose the right to withdraw from the contract.
38- The Buyer is not obliged to return the Gift Card – it will be deactivated when the funds
run out or the validity period ends.
39- If the Buyer withdraws from the Gift Card sales contract, the Buyer will receive a refund
of the Card balance. The refund will be made using the same method of payment that the
Buyer used to purchase the Gift Card, within 14 days from the date on which the Buyer
exercised the right to withdraw from the contract. Settlement is made by the Publisher.
Settlements for withdrawal from the Gift Card sales agreement are not made in-store.
40- Gift Cards damaged in such a way that they cannot be identified are not subject to return
or exchange.
41- The Buyer who has withdrawn from the distance contract for the sale of the Gift Card will
be notified of the deactivation of the Gift Card and the refundable balance.


42- The Publisher is not responsible for the use of the Gift Card by a person who came into
its possession illegally, as well as for the loss or damage of the Gift Card for reasons not
attributable to the Issuer after its transfer to the Buyer.
43- The User is not able to submit to the Issuer a request to cancel, block or issue a
duplicate of the Gift Card.
44- In the event of loss or damage to the Gift Card, the User is not entitled to any claims
against the Issuer.

45- A purchase transaction using a Gift Card by the User is considered valid, even if the
User comes into unauthorized possession of the Gift Card. When redeeming the Gift Card,
the Issuer does not verify how the User came into possession of the Gift Card.
46- If the User transfers the Gift Card to another User, the transferring User should inform
the next User that the Gift Card is subject to the provisions of the Zagrywki Gift Card
47- The Issuer has the right to refuse to redeem the Gift Card, in particular if: the validity
period of the Gift Card has ended, there are no funds on the Gift Card, there is no technical
possibility of redeeming the Gift Card, the Gift Card is damaged in a way that makes it
impossible to identify it or there is suspicion that it is counterfeit, the source of its origin
cannot be verified and confirmed when redeeming the Card, or the legality and origin of the
funds for which the Gift Card was purchased raises doubts, or the identity of the Buyer
according to the data presented in the Gift Card ordering process raises doubts. In the event
of refusal to redeem the Gift Card, the User has the right to submit a complaint under the
terms described in these Regulations.
48- The Issuer is liable for physical or legal defects, compliance of the Gift Card with the
sales contract under the warranty under Art. 556 et seq. of the Act of April 23, 1964, Civil
Code. The provisions of the Regulations do not limit the rights of the consumer under
generally applicable provisions of law.
49- Any complaints related to the purchase or redemption of a Gift Card may be submitted
by e-mail to or in writing at the Zagrywki premises in Warsaw. A sample
complaint form has been included by the Publisher below in the Regulations (Appendix 2.)
50- In the complaint referred to in section 47, the User should provide: the Gift Card number
(voucher code), his name and surname, the type and date of the cause of the complaint. In
particularly justified and confirmed cases, if the use of the Gift Card during its validity period
was impossible for reasons beyond the User’s control, the Issuer may positively consider the
complaint by issuing a new Gift Card in place of the expired Gift Card.
51- Complaints will be considered within 14 days from the date of their submission based on
these Regulations.
52- If the complaint is accepted and a refund is granted for the reservation of the Game
purchased using the Gift Card, the User will receive a refund of the amount previously paid
(collected) from the Gift Card. The refund may be made on a newly issued and topped-up
Gift Card, and the refund amount will be the equivalent of the payment made with the Gift
Card. The basis for the refund of this amount is the proof of purchase using the Gift Card.
The seller decides about the possibility of making a return in accordance with applicable
laws, regulations and internal procedures.


53- Personal data of the Buyer or User of the Gift Card will be processed for the purposes of
issuing and topping up the Gift Card, including the implementation of the sales contract,
issuing accounting documents, considering complaints and – when consent has been given –
for marketing purposes, including sending marketing communications. More details are
specified in the privacy policy:
54- Providing personal data is voluntary. Failure to provide personal data to the extent
necessary to operate the Gift Card prevents its implementation.
55- The Buyer or User providing the data has the right to access their data, correct it and
request its deletion.
56- Data recipients may only be authorized employees or collaborators of the Publisher
providing services related to the processes indicated in section 50 and in the privacy policy
57- In the case of purchase by e-mail, payment made via the link is made using the online
payment service Tpay, the administrator of which is Krajowy Integrator Płatności spółka
akcyjna (hereinafter: KIP or Administrator) with its registered office in Poznań, plac Andersa
3, 61-894 Poznań, entered into National Court Register by the District Court Poznań Nowe
Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, 8th Division of the National Court Register under KRS number:
0000412357, NIP number: 7773061579, REGON number: 300878437, share capital PLN
494,980.00 – paid in full, national payment institution issued by the Polish Financial
Supervision Authority and is registered in the Payment Services Register under the number
IP27/2014 and has the status of a settlement agent in accordance with the Personal Data
Protection Act. Tpay is supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.
58- The User may contact the Publisher electronically at the following address:
59- If the person has consented to the processing of data (legal basis: Article 6(1)(a) of the
GDPR), the data is processed until the consent is withdrawn. In other cases, the data is
processed for a period justified by the purpose (e.g. fulfillment of a reservation, for the
purpose of resolving claims or tax regulations). The processing period depends on the
possibility of establishing, pursuing or defending claims or when data retention is required
due to tax regulations.
60- Each data subject has the right to access his or her personal data, rectify it, delete it or
limit processing, including the right to object to processing, as well as the right to transfer
data and lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.


61- In order to prevent abuse, the Issuer has the right to conduct explanatory proceedings if
there are justified doubts as to the source of the funds intended for the purchase of the Gift
Card, or it is impossible to verify the source of the Card or doubts arise about the identity of
the Buyer according to the data presented in Card ordering process. In particular, this

procedure may be used when ordering Gift Cards of large denominations by e-mail.
Explanatory proceedings may be conducted in particular to remove doubts as to the veracity
of the Buyer’s data, the purpose of purchasing the Gift Card, or the compliance of the
Buyer’s conduct with these Regulations. The Buyer’s verification procedure can be carried
out remotely. In the cases referred to in the previous sentences, the Issuer reserves the right
to refuse to redeem the Gift Card on the terms described in point.
62- In matters not regulated by the Regulations, the provisions of generally applicable law
shall apply
63- These regulations and all other regulations applicable in Zagrywki are available on site
and at:
64- The Publisher reserves the right to change the terms of the Regulations in the event of
an important reason understood as: a change in generally applicable legal provisions or a
change in the interpretation of legal provisions by authorized bodies, or the issuance of
binding recommendations or recommendations by competent authorities affecting the
content of the Regulations and resulting in the need to its adaptation to such a change in
regulations or their interpretation or recommendations and recommendations, removal of
ambiguities or interpretation doubts regarding the content of the Regulations, in particular
reported by Users, including correction of obvious mistakes or clerical errors, expansion or
change of existing functionalities of the Gift Card or adding new functionalities Gift Card,
security of Users, in particular the need to prevent abuse, changes caused by technical or
technological reasons (in particular as a result of updating the technical requirements
necessary for the process of using the Gift Card indicated in the Regulations, or the
introduction of progressive technical solutions in the process of using the Gift Card), the
occurrence of force majeure, understood as an external event, independent of the will of the
Publisher or Users, which could not be predicted on the date of publication and during the
period of validity of the Regulations or activation of the Gift Card, e.g. natural disasters,
epidemics, strikes, war, extraordinary impact of atmospheric factors causing effects affecting
for the possibility of purchasing and redeeming a Gift Card.
65- Any changes to the Regulations shall enter into force within 7 days from the date of their
publication on the website Changes to the
Regulations do not affect the scope of rights acquired by Users.