Terms and conditions for using the Cloakroom in Zagrywki

Terms and Conditions for using the Cloakroom in Zagrywki in force from 09/15/2022



The Terms and Conditions for using the cloakroom (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”) define the rules for providing people (i.e. customers or potential customers of Zagrywki (4a Nowy Świat Street, 00-497 in Warsaw) with the cloakroom administered by Gravity Park Sp. Z o. O. With its headquarters in Warsaw at 35 Goplańska Street, 02-954 Warsaw, tel. 22 113 14 41 registered into The National Court register in The Register of Entrepreneurs under the number 0000514593, entered in The National Official Business Register, REGON under the number 147296989, tax identification number NIP 9512380720 (hereinafter: “We”), independently of the area of Zagrywki in which cloakroom is located (hereinafter: “Cloakroom”) and the storage of items left by said people.


1. The cloakroom is not self-service.

2. The cloakroom operates during the opening hours of Zagrywki, as long as there is personnel and there is no information that there are restrictions in its operation or that the cloakroom does not function.

3. We can limit the use of the cloakroom if it is required for safety reasons or legal regulations (e.g. sanitary regime).

4. The cloakroom does not operate outside the opening hours of Zagrywki and if there is information (a piece of paper in a visible place) informing about the exclusion of the use of the Cloakroom.


The cloakroom only accepts :

1. outerwear;

2. umbrellas.


1. The cloakroom is payable. One time leaving the items listed in §3 costs PLN 5.

2. After making the payment, the person receives a token that can be used for shopping in Zagrywki and a wristband with a number.


The cloakroom personnel do not bear any responsibility for items left in the cloakroom.


The cloakroom does not keep a deposit of valuable items and does not accept the following items for storage:

1. bags, handbags, backpacks, etc.,

2. money, keys, documents;

3. jewelry and other valuables;

4. electronic equipment (e.g. computers, laptops, mobile phones), photographic equipment and other high-cost specialized equipment;

5. items that may cause damage to third parties or their property, in particular through damage or contamination, as well as which may damage or contaminate the Cloakroom area;

6. smelly, inflammable, flammable, explosive, corrosive or other hazardous materials, as well as animals, including, but not limited to, any animal in cages or containers.


Leaving the items specified in § 3 and § 6 or animals in the cloakroom, even without the knowledge of the people operating the cloakroom, is a major violation of the Regulations. Anyone who leaves such items or animals does so at their own responsibility.


The release of items from the cloakroom takes place only upon showing the wristband with a number to the cloakroom personnel. The cloakroom staff is distinguished by an uniform in the form of a T-shirt or sweatshirt with the Zagrywki logo or another outfit with the visible identifier of the Zagrywki personnel.


The cloakroom operator is not obliged to verify if the identity of the person handing over the items for storage is compliant with the identity of the person requesting the items on the basis of the issued wristband.

§ 10

1. The person receiving a wristband with the number is obliged to keep an eye on it and not to pass it on to third parties. In the event of losing the wristband with the number, such a person may be asked to wait until all the remaining coats or umbrellas in the cloakroom are released, unless it is unambiguously stated earlier on the CCTV footage what item was left behind.

2. For the loss or damage of the wristband with the number, one must pay a fee of PLN 20

§ 11

We are not liable for any items left in Zagrywki outside the cloakroom.

§ 12

Items left in the cloakroom are stored for a period of 7 days. After this period, we do not bear responsibility for their loss.

§ 13

Everyone using the cloakroom is obliged to read the above Regulations and comply with its terms. We are not responsible for failure to comply with these Regulations. It is considered that each person, before leaving their items in the cloakroom, has read the terms of the Regulations and undertaken to strictly comply with its provisions.

§ 14

The current text of the Regulations is available in the Cloakroom and on the Zagrywki website, www.zagrywki.pl.

§ 15

We reserve the right to change these Regulations. The change takes place upon its acceptance, which will be announced by posting a new version of the Regulations in the Cloakroom and on the Zagrywki websites. The new Regulations apply from the moment the Cloakroom is opened on the day of its adoption.

§ 16

Complaints and comments regarding the functioning of the cloakroom can be submitted via e-mail; info@zagrywki.pl.