Children’s birthday party

The children’s birthday party organization regulations.


1- The Terms and Conditions define the rules and requirements for the provision of the
service consisting in organising an event in Zagrywki (The Terms and Conditions) to the
Administrator’s Clients.
2- The place of service provided in accordance with the Regulations is: Zagrywki, Nowy Świat
4a, 00-497 in Warsaw.
3- The Administrator of personal data is Gravity Park Sp. z o.o. with its headquarters in
Warsaw at ul. Goplańska 35, 02-954 Warsaw tel. 22 123 55 66 registered into The National
Court register in The Register of Entrepreneurs under the number 0000514593, entered in
The National Official Business Register, REGON under the number 147296989, tax
identification number NIP 9512380720, share capital of PLN 5,000 paid up in full
4- The Client may be both a natural person who is a consumer within the meaning of the law,
as well as a natural person conducting business activity or a legal person.
5- The Terms and Conditions of the Facility define the rules for persons using Zagrywki. The
content is available at the URL: and on site. All
persons using Zagrywki are obliged to comply with it.
6- Personal data is processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy of Zagrywki available at
the following URL:


7- Reservations can be made electronically and for this purpose one must: (a) indicate the
date; (b) provide the number of Participants; (c) choose one of the packages available at
8- The minimum number of Participants is 8 people and the maximum number is 15. If the
actual number of Participants is less than 8, the package price is not reduced.
9- Birthday parties for children at Zagrywki are organised: (a) on Saturdays and Sundays until
6:00 p.m. within specific time frames in accordance with the selected package; (b) for
Participants aged 6-17. Organising an event for younger children must be preceded by the
Administrator’s consent and this may involve an additional fee for an additional event
10- After making a preliminary reservation in accordance with point 7 above completes the survey specifying the details of the event, including the method of payment. After receiving the survey, the Administrator sends an event scenario constituting a summary of the reservation, which is sent to the Customer electronically for approval. Only the payment made by the Customer, in accordance with the event scenario, constitutes confirmation by the Customer of the terms of the service that will be provided and acceptance of the Regulations. After recording the payment, the Administrator confirms the event reservation and thus undertakes to provide the service with due diligence, in accordance with the conditions specified in the event scenario and the Regulations.
11- The event date, binding for the Client and the Administrator (Parties), is the date specified in the invoice/event scenario. Settlement is based on the selected package, the declared number of people and an additional order. The exception is to increase the number of people on the day of the event, if space allows. Making full payment before the date of the event (prepayment in full) conditions the acceptance of the order for execution and the Administrator’s obligation to provide the service.


12- Payment can be made electronically via online payment service Tpay whose
administrator is Krajowy Integrator Płatności S.A. with its headquarters in Poznań, 61-894
Poznań, at 3 Anders’ Square, entered into The Register of Entrepreneurs maintained by the
District Court for Poznań – Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, 8th Commercial Division of
the National Court Register, under number 0000412357, with the tax ID number:
7773061579, with a share capital of PLN 5.494.980,00 paid in full, a national payment
institution issued by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and is registered in the
Payment Services Register under number IP27/2014 and has the status of a settlement
agent in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. Tpay is supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. Alternatively, payment can be made by transfer based on an invoice.
13- The payment link is active for a certain period of time. Failure to make the payment within the validity period of the link or respectively, within the period specified on the invoice, results in cancellation of the booking, unless the Client and the Administrator agree otherwise.


14- The absence of the Client, Participant or Participants on the date of the event does not
constitute resignation from participation or change of date and does not release the
Administrator from the obligation to provide the service. In such a situation, the Customer is not entitled to a refund.
15- The Customer may increase or decrease the number of Participants than declared during the reservation no later than 3 days before the date of the event. The number of participants in a group cannot be reduced or increased than that provided for in point. 8 minimum or maximum.
16- The customer has no right to withdraw from the contract. A customer who is a consumer is not entitled to withdraw from a distance contract pursuant to Art. 38 point 12 of the Act on Consumer Rights of May 30, 2014, because the consumer is not entitled to this right in relation to contracts for services related to recreation, entertainment or sports events, if the contract specifies the day or period of service provision.
17- The customer cannot cancel the reservation. If the Client has information that a certain number of Participants will not appear or there is a reason preventing the group from arriving, please contact the Administrator.

18- The customer has the right to change the event date free of charge, provided that it is
done at least 7 days before the event date.
19- In the case of changing the date of the event within a period shorter than that referred to in section 18, the Customer is obliged to cover the costs of the booked activities in the
selected package in accordance with the current price list as of the new reservation date and to pay again for the ordered cakes and other baked goods, and to collect them on the
agreed date, but no later than the day of the originally discussed event. Products are
collected from Zagrywki.
20- In the event of force majeure, The Administrator has the right to propose a change of
date, conditions or cancel the reservation and return the funds within 180 days. Force
majeure is understood as an accidental or natural (natural) event whose occurrence is
beyond Administrator control, in particular fire, explosion, power failure, earthquake, flood, cloudburst, riots, pandemic, sanitary restrictions imposed by the government, actions of civil or military authorities, war, acts of terrorism (including cyberterrorism), cyberattacks (e.g.DDOS) ), actions and/or omissions of ICT network operators.


21- Pursuant to section 9 of the Regulations, the event may last until 6 p.m. Pursuant to point 11 of the Venue Regulations, from 6:00 p.m. only adults can stay on the premises of
Zagrywki. Therefore, the Client is obliged to ensure that the Participants leave the facility by this time.
22- The Client undertakes to care, observe and supervise the event participants throughout their stay on the Zagrywki premises and to acquaint the group participants with the regulations in force on the Zagrywki premises and ensure that they are followed..
23- The event coordinator: (a) acts as a time animator during activities and supervises the event schedule; (b) does not provide childcare. Event coordinators and Zagrywki’s
employees do not take children to the toilet. If a child/participant of the event needs to use the toilet during the event, their guardians are obliged to pick up and take the child to the toilet.
24- The Administrator ensures the safety of the equipment only if it is used in accordance
with its intended purpose and recommendations of the Event Coordinator. The Administrator does not ensure the safety of Participants who move around the premises of Zagrywki in a manner inconsistent with the regulations in force, the recommendations of the staff or the Event Coordinator, or if they perform any interference or activities that go beyond what was permitted by the Event Coordinator. The Administrator is solely responsible for his own actions or omissions.
25- The Administrator and Event coordinator are not responsible:

(a) for the behaviour of Participants;

(b) for the Participant unauthorised leaving the animation and departure;

(c) for any damage to persons or property caused by Participants, including safety on the premises of the Zagrywki. The Participants’ guardians or the Organiser are responsible for children, unless the law provides otherwise.

26- The Event Coordinator may ask selected Participants to leave the activity if the behaviour of the above-mentioned persons endangers other participants of the animation or other customers, or their behaviour results in breaking any of the Zagrywki’s regulations. If the Participant is asked to leave the activity, the guardian or the Organiser is obliged to accompany the Participant from the Zagrywki premises and is not entitled to a refund.
27- The Organiser undertakes to cover any damage and destruction caused by the
participants of the birthday party during the event on the premises of Zagrywki. Possible
damages will be estimated by the Administrator on the basis of the damage report. The
Client is obliged to cover the costs of rectifying damage and destruction in the amount
indicated on the relevant invoice, determined on the basis of the valuation indicated in the
above-mentioned report.


28- The event Organiser can order snacks, cakes, birthday cakes and drinks available in the current offer of Zagrywki. The order can be placed and modified no later than 5 days before the start of the event.
29- The ordered snacks, cakes, birthday cakes and drinks are settled after determining the
details of the order – no later than 3 days before the start of the event.

30- Pursuant to section 8 of the Venue Regulations – it is prohibited to consume food and
drinks purchased outside the Zagrywy premises, with the exception of bringing your own
cake/birthday cake. Then the Customer is obliged to pay a cake fee of PLN 50 (in the case
of =>10 Participants of the event, if there are more Participants, an additional fee of PLN 5
per person applies). Additionally, the Customer is obliged to sign a cake declaration in which they assume full responsibility for safety in connection with the transport and consumption of food, including liability for any claims arising in this regard.


31- Complaints should be submitted electronically to the following e-mail address:
32- In the submission, please provide a possibly precise description of the irregularity (taking into account, for example, the time and place of occurrence and possible indication of the method of settling the complaint).
33- The complaint shall be considered as soon as possible, not longer than 14 days.
34- The date of lodging a complaint is considered to be the date of receipt of the complaint by the Administrator.

35- Any matters not included in these Regulations are regulated by the relevant Polish laws
and/or provisions applicable to the place of residence of the consumer law or the terms of the contract concluded between the Parties. In the event of a change and/or annulment, as a result of a final court decision, of any of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions, the remaining provisions remain unchanged.
36- The service provision contract is concluded for the duration of its implementation.
37- The Administrator declares their availability to resolve disputes in an amicable manner,
including vindication of claims in out-of-court proceedings ADR (Alternative Dispute
Resolution). In this case, please submit a complaint via the website: The
authorised entity to which the complaint can be directed depends on the consumer’s choice.
The register of such entities in Poland, along with contact details and website address, can
be found here:
38- All disputes between the Administrator and a non-consumer Client will be settled by the local court for the headquarters of the Administrator.