Beer Pong


Recommended number of players


How to play?

1. Beer Pong

A legendary game invented by the American fraternities. Click right and check out the rules of beer pong at Zagrywki!

2. Choose your drink!

Beer pong ? is a classic, but how about prosecco pong ?? For those who prefer soft drinks, we also have juice pong ???

3. Rack the cups

Each team gets 10 cups of a drink of their choosing

4. Show your best shot!

Actually, two shots, as every player gets to shoot twice

5. Hit the cup

If the ball is bounced off the table and then goes in the cup, the shot counts as two!

6. The opposing team gets to drink!

Doesn't sound like losing, right?

7. Can't play beer pong?

Don't worry - we'll teach you everything! With our trained staff on site and instructions we prepared for you, you'll learn the rules in two minutes!


First team to hit all the opponents' cups wins!

Price list

Each booking is for 45 min.
The price includes: a beer pong table for the recommended number of people and 1.6l of beer/juice or 0.8l of Prosecco.

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